September 21, 2018
Ralph J Huntington

Real Faith

August 20, 2018 Ralph 0

The faith we need is not faith is a higher power or in the laws of physics. If we recognize that every experience provides a learning opportunity, then we can readily conclude that life is […]

It’s Your Mindset

February 9, 2018 Ralph 0

Be Who You Are!   Self-empowerment consists in throwing off “conventional wisdom” and its traditional disempowered modes of thinking and acting, and remaking oneself into the new and improved version of self, the powerful self-directed […]

The New Economy

February 9, 2018 Ralph 0

Engage in the New Economy!  The New Economy levels the playing field for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. People everywhere now have the same opportunity to cost-effectively reach out to find and engage with their […]